Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Website

There are a lot of web building tools that are out there, where anyone that is remotely computer savvy can build their own website. Many website kits are free, while those that do cost money are pretty inexpensive. Word Press websites are free to download and are considered open source software meaning that the original source code is made freely available, and programmers and non-programmers alike can use, modify, share, and sell the coding. You must install a theme. There are many free themes, and there are others you have to pay for, typically ranging from around $12 up to around $75.

Another popular choice is Weebly. You choose your theme, then build your own website while hosting it on Weebly servers. The first year of hosting is free, and you can have a basic website up and running in less than one hour after signing up. There are a wide range of themes to choose from depending on what type of business you own. There are tools for adding videos, slide shows, and a host of other features to enhance your website.

The biggest advantage in purchasing any of these websites is cost savings. If you add the fact that people can build their own website with no web developing skills is also particularly appealing. While building your own website is exciting and adventurous, there are considerations that you might want to ponder before you decide to go at it all alone.

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